Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Review of Resthyro for Cat Hyperthyroidism

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What is Resthyro?
Resthyro is a natural product for Cat Hyperthyroidism support. Carefully formulated by a leading naturopathic veterinarian, this popular product is loaded with a powerful combination of seven different herbal extracts. Together, they are very effective...

Really is a miracle alternative.
By JC pet owner from MD,MD on 8/17/2011
5out of 5
Pros: Gentle, Effective, Long-Lasting, Really helped my cat, No Side Effects
Best Uses: Daily Care
Describe Yourself: Long-Time Pet Owner
I decided to try this because I read all the great reviews. Now I am writing one. It really helped with the wailing and constant hunger. Also was a tremendous help with the loose stools. It really  helped my cat to rest and gain some weight back. She is very old and I think this will help her to have a better quality of life for a while longer. I am thankful for this alternative to heavy medicines.
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  1. It's good to hear about an alternative medicine that someone has actually tried and found it to work. Worth remembering.

  2. Please tell me- anyone- many confirmations welcome- my cat has been off of methimazole for 6 days, and he has been on Resthyro fro three days. I am concerned about heart failure, and other crises. But, I know that while he on Resthyro, he cannot use other thyroid meds. And, I also know it takes at least 2-6 weeks to see any kind of results with Resthryo. The goal is the have Harley, my cat, completely of of Methimazole, and functioning well- for many years to come- on Resthyro, or another natural alternative. How long will he be okay on just the Resthyro? Is it safe to be off Methimazole for, at least three weeks, before I test his blood? What signs do I need to look for? He seems to be sleeping more often since he's off of the Methimazole, but he seems to be breathing normally. The Methimazole made him anxious and hungry all of the time. Al of your experience, guidance, and help are HUGELY appreciated!!! Thank you, in advance!!! Amanda